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James Drader

A Message from the Chairman,
                                              James Drader


The Republican Party is alive and active in Tompkins County! We believe in the viability of the United States Constitution, pledging allegiance to our flag, honoring our service men and women, and upholding the basic principles of freedom upon which our founding fathers created this wonderful country. So if you’d like to join in our discourse and our work to advance those founding principles, we encourage you to become an active member of your Tompkins County Republican Party. Welcome!




New! Pattern of Misconduct - submitted to the Ithaca Journal by James Drader- updated11/03/2013


New! Tompkins County Republican 2013 Annual Fall Dinner photos - updated10/20/2013




County Chairman
Jamie Drader
Vice Chair
Thomas Reynolds
Vice Chair of Finance
Ed LaVigne
Vice Chair of Elected Officials
Frank Proto
Vice Chair for Towns Cities
and Villages
David Bravo-Cullen
Julie A. Oliver
Natalie J. Miller
Counsel and Vice-Chair for Communications and Media
Henry Kramer
County Commissioner
Elizabeth W. Cree
Deputy Election Commissioner
Kari Stamm
Town of Caroline, Chair
Robert B Goodrich
Town of Danby, Chair
Linda Featherbee
Town of Dryden, Chair
David Bravo-Cullen
Town of Enfield, Chair
Robert J. Harvey
Town of Groton, Chair
Lee Shurtleff
Town of Ithaca, Chair
City of Ithaca, Chair
Town of Lansing, Chair
"Cricket" Purcell
Town of Newfield, Chair
Diana L. Bryant
Town of Ulysses, Chair
Rocco Lucente